Innovative Kitchen And Bath Greensboro #771828611

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Innovative Kitchen And Bath Greensboro #771828611.

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House Styles | Arts & Crafts Houses | Greek Revival Houses | Mid-Century Modern Houses | Queen Anne Houses | Historic Places | Architectural Terms , Tours of Old Houses in the Arts & Crafts, Greek Revival, Mid-Century Modern, and Queen Anne style.","slug":"house-tours","displayName":"House Tours","primaryContentSiteId":"cs0200a83500002684","metaTitle":"Old House Tours","teaser":"Tours of old houses, historic homes, and new old houses built in period styles, including  Arts & Crafts, Greek Revival, Mid-Century Modern, and Queen Anne style.","affiliatesEnabled":true,"promoTitle":"House Tours","primarySiteId":"cs0200a83500002684","migrationId":"Term:category:sections:house-tours","statusCode":"complete"},{"isInstantArticle":false,"publicationTimestamp":"2017-01-19T22:49:44Z","createdPrincipalId":"up01f1001d200027e0","isExcludedFromPublishedStreams":false,"commentsEnabled":true,"id":"ci02013ff07020279b","objectType":"ContentRichTerm","isNoindex":false,"title":"OHJ September/October 2008","authoringStatusCode":"complete","vocabularyId":"cs0200a83500002684:terms","editedByPrincipalId":"up01f1001d200027e0","editedTimestamp":"2017-01-19T22:49:44Z","disqusId":"90d26def-de99-11e6-a891-022d1ca85b8b","alternateUrls":["/tag/ohj-septemberoctober-2008"],"originalPublicationTimestamp":"2017-01-19T22:49:44Z","createdTimestamp":"2017-01-19T22:49:44Z","versionId":"1","path":"/tag/ohj-septemberoctober-2008","isWorkInProgress":false,"slug":"ohj-septemberoctober-2008","displayName":"OHJ September/October 2008","primaryContentSiteId":"cs0200a83500002684","affiliatesEnabled":true,"primarySiteId":"cs0200a83500002684","migrationId":"33b88750f6bfc7668e1f59f8fa3bc6b0e663ba07","statusCode":"complete"},{"isInstantArticle":false,"publicationTimestamp":"2017-01-19T22:49:27Z","createdPrincipalId":"up01f1001d200027e0","isExcludedFromPublishedStreams":false,"commentsEnabled":true,"id":"ci02013fef7024253a","objectType":"ContentRichTerm","isNoindex":false,"title":"Old-House Journal","...

, VP Innovations is the retail showrooms division of VP Supply Corp. VP Supply was established in the winter of 1965 by Marv Miller and Elliot Curwin in a small warehouse on Brown Street in downtown Rochester, New York.

Nicknamed the City of Arts and Innovation, Winston-Salem is dedicated to the fine arts, theater, and technological research. Several universities and colleges call Winston-Salem home, including Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem State University, and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Artistic amenities abound in Winston-Salem, with city staples such as the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Arts, First Fridays in the Trade Street Art District, Winston-Salem Symphony, and a/perture cinema., There’s something for everyone in Winston-Salem. History lovers enjoy the sights at Historic Bethabara Park, the exhibits in Old Salem Museums and Gardens, and perusing the shops in the West End Historic District. Outdoor enthusiasts relish boating opportunities at Salem Lake and proximity to Pilot Mountain State Park. Kids of all ages delight in the interactive exhibits at Kaleideum Downtown, formerly known as SciWorks and the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem. The Dixie Classic Fair and the Winston-Salem Air Show are community favorites across the board.

North Carolinians are finding they can still live large in a tiny house, Imagine a home the size of some master bedrooms or smaller. Every inch is maximized with innovative storage solutions, taking advantage of nooks and crannies that may be taken for granted in a typical -sized home. Often a loft area that serves as a bedroom perches above a bathroom, kitchen and small living room that may also serve as an office or some other purpose.

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